The use of electronic collars for training domestic dogs: estimated prevalence, reasons and risk factors for use, and owner perceived success as compared to other training methods

Short Synopsis: Owner gender and attendance at training classes appear more important for predicting if someone will use an e-collar than the dog’s behavior or demographics, although explaining a relatively small amount of variance between groups. More owners using reward based methods for recall / chasing report a successful outcome of training than those using e-collars.

Authors:Emily J Blackwell, Christine Bolster, Gemma Richards, Bethany A Loftus and Rachel A CaseyEmail author

Publication: BMC Veterinary Research 2012, 8:93

Publication Date: June 29, 2012

Applies To: E-collars, why owners use them.

Sample Size: 3897

Limitations/Drawbacks: Questionairre-based, convenience sample. Based on British owners.


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