The acquisition and maintenance of dogs’ aversion responses to kiwi (Apteryx spp.) training stimuli across time and locations

Short Synopsis: Dogs were trained to avoid kiwi birds using shock. 1 year after shock collar conditioning, 87% of dogs continued to leave Kiwi birds alone. “This research indicates that KAT effectively produces aversion towards the KAT stimuli that generalizes to another location, is independent of the electric collar being worn, and that lasts at least 1 year after training.”

Authors: Arnja R. Dalea, Shivaun Stathama, Christopher A. Podlesnik,
Douglas Elliffe

Publication: Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Volume 146, Issues 1–4, Pages 107-111

Publication Date: June 2013

Applies To: Shock collars, avoidance training

Sample Size: 55 dogs



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