Questionnaire survey on the use of different e-collar types in France in everyday life with a view to providing recommendations for possible future regulations

Short Synopsis: 26% of people use E-collars in this survey, mostly with big guard/hunting dogs that were intact. The vast majority of e-collar users (71.8%) used the collar without professional advice, and 75% of e-collar users tried 2 or fewer other solutions before using the collar. Seven percent of the dogs on which the collar was used presented with physical wounds (n = 23).

Authors: Sylvia Masson, Isabelle Nigron, Emmanuel Gaultier

Publication:Journal of Veterinary Behavior

Publication Date: July 2018

Applies To: e-collars

Sample Size: 1251

Limitations/Drawbacks: Online form looking at pet dog owners – thought that perhaps helps show how e-collars aren’t used well by average Joe pet owners?


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