Fearful Fido: Investigating dog experience in the veterinary context in an effort to reduce distress Author links open overlay panel

Short Synopsis: Lots of dogs get scared at the vet. Many commonsense recommendations seem obvious, but don’t have research behind them. The study points out that there’s insufficient evidence behind DAP as an effective fear reducer overall. Some studies suggest that chemical restraint may be less stressful for dogs than physical restraint. Though training dogs to enjoy car rides and wearing muzzles might help reduce trigger stacking, there’s little evidence that these measures help dogs feel less stressed at the vet’s overall.

Authors: Petra T. Edwards, Bradley P. Smith, Michelle L. McArthur, Susan J. Hazel

Publication: Applied Animal Behavior Science

Publication Date: February 2019

Applies To: Reducing fear in veterinary situations

Sample Size: Literature review

Limitations/Drawbacks: Literature review


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