Do aversive-based training methods actually compromise dog welfare?: A literature review

Short Synopsis: Aversive-based methods are correlated with indicators of compromised welfare in dogs. The reviewed studies have a number of limitations. Further studies are needed to draw strong conclusions on the topic.

Authors: Joana Guilherme Fernandes, Anna S.Olsson, Ana Catarina Vieira de Castro

Publication: Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Volume 196, Pages 1-12

Publication Date: November 2017

Applies To: training methodology

Sample Size: literature review

Limitations/Drawbacks: “First, a considerable proportion of the studies relied upon surveys rather than on objective measures. Second, they focused on sub-populations of police and laboratory dogs and, thus, only represent a small portion of dogs undergoing training. Finally, the empirical studies have concentrated mainly on the effects of shock-collar training, which is only one of several tools used in aversive-based training, and, in some studies, the description of the training methodologies lacks details.” (quote)


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