Comparison of learning effects and stress between 3 different training methods (electronic training collar, pinch collar and quitting signal) in Belgian Malinois Police Dogs

Short Synopsis: “The electronic training collar induced less stress and had stronger learning effect in comparison pinch collars or quitting signals. It was also noted that quitting signal was markedly stressful in dogs. In the present study, however, theoretical and practical knowledge of each dog trainer could not be achieved during the assessment of pinch collar as well as quitting signal. Therefore, the findings of the study lead to the conclusion that debates over effectiveness of training methods should include not only the training aids but also the qualification of the trainer. “

Authors: Y. Salgiri, E. Schalke, I. Boehm, H. Hackbarth

Publication:Revue de médecine vétérinaire

Publication Date: November 2012

Applies To: E-collars, working dogs

Sample Size: 42

Limitations/Drawbacks: Doesn’t say what the quitting signal is? Really amped up dogs for bitework.


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