Clicker training increases exploratory behaviour and time spent at the front of the enclosure in shelter cats; Implications for welfare and adoption rates

Short Synopsis: Quote from the abstract: “Twelve cats were clicker trained over two weeks their behaviour and response to humans was recorded before and after the training schedule. Cats showed significantly more exploratory behaviour, a decrease in inactivity and spent more time at the front of their enclosures after training. Four of the cats which failed the human approach test initially, passed it after training but this result was nonsignificant. Clicker training may be a simple and rapid way to improve welfare and adoptability in rescue cats.”

Authors: Rachel A.Grant, Jennifer RoseWarrior

Publication: Applied Animal Behaviour Science Volume 211, February 2019, Pages 77-83

Publication Date: February 2019

Applies To: shelter animal welfare

Sample Size: 12

Limitations/Drawbacks: cats, not dogs


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