Classification of behavior problems in dogs: Distributions of age, breed, sex and reproductive status

Short Synopsis: In dogs referred for behavior management, the most common behavior problems were aggression and stimulus activity. Many additional factors were considered including breed, sex, and neutered/spayed vs. intact. (Mixed breeds were the most common of the sample size, with sporting and mixed breeds presenting most frequently for behavior problems. Intact males were the most common to present with behavior issues.)

Intact males and spayed females were most likely to display aggression. Separation-related issues didn’t correlate with breed, sex, or neuter status.

Authors: John C Wright, Marc S Nesselrote

Publication: Applied Animal Behavior Science

Publication Date: 1987

Applies To: Dogs referred for behavior management from a veterinarian

Sample Size: 105

Limitations/Drawbacks: Older article, potentially less relevant as popular dog breeds shift

Link to the article:

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