Prevalence of owner-reported behaviours in dogs separated from the litter at two different ages

Short Synopsis: Puppies separated from their litter at 30-40 (4-5 weeks) days were far more likely than puppies separated from their litter at 60 (8.5 weeks) days to exhibit behaviors including destructiveness, excessive barking, fearfulness on walks, reactivity to noises, toy possessiveness, food possessiveness, and attention-seeking. Correlations were stronger with puppies that were younger, and especially if they came from a …

Owner-reported aggressive behavior towards familiar people may be a more prominent occurrence in pet shop-traded dogs

Short Synopsis: Owner-directed aggression, house soiling, body licking, and separation-related behavior were all more common in pet store puppies than breeder puppies. Authors: Federica Pirronea, Ludovica Pierantoni, Giovanni Quintavalle Pastorino, Mariangela Albertini Publication: Journal of Veterinary Behavior, Volume 11, January–February 2016, Pages 13-17 Publication Date: February 2016 Applies To: Behavior problems in pet store puppies. Limitations/Drawbacks: Link: